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Biothane + Canvas Collar

Four Black Paws

Our Biothane + Canvas Collars combine the ruggedness of both our standard weight Beta Biothane collars and our canvas collars! One half of the body of the collar is made from our waterproof and stink resistant standard weight biothane in your choice of color while the other half is made from our incredibly durable polyester webbing and canvas.

The Center O-Ring Safety Collar is a style of dog collar that is designed for owners who want the ring away from the buckle. They are often called "safety" collars because when worn loose, your dog can slip out of the collar if they get hung up on brush; this design allows the collar to move in a more fluid way so the collar can twist and bend. The o-ring opposite the buckle also allows you to more quickly attach a leash to the collar. We also attach a d-ring to the collar near the buckle so the collar is more versatile.

You get to choose every aspect of this collar! Due to the extremely customized nature of this collar, I do not offer returns or exchanges of any kind. All sales are final.

Measuring for your new collar:

There are 2 simple ways to measure your dog's neck size to determine which collar size will fit your pup best. 

1. Gently use a piece of string or other soft material like a phone charger cord. Hold the end of the string/cable between your finger and thumb and gently wrap the other side around your dog's neck (thickest area). Pull the string/cord snug enough that you can fit two fingers between it and your pup's neck. Let go of the string/cord and mark the spot in the middle of the string/cord with your finger that marked your pup's neck size. From there, use a tape measure to get the measurement from your string/cord measurement.

2. Use their current collar (see photo above for more information on how to do this): Note: do not measure end to end! This is a very common mistake and if done this way, your measurement will be off by at least an inch or two resulting in a collar that is too big. In the photo, you'll see that the female end (open end of the buckle) is placed at the "0" on the measuring tape. Measure from this spot on the 'female' end of the buckle to just where the material ends (do not include the 'male' end of the buckle in your measurement). You'll see, in the photo above, that Leila's fabric buckle collar measures 17" and her perfect fit biothane + canvas collar is the 15"-18" size.

**If you are having trouble finding your pup's neck size, please don't hesitate to contact me for help or send pictures of your pups current collar next to a ruler/tape measure for me to help you determine the best size.

All holes on the collar are set 0.5" apart for a more personalized fit. 

Our Biothane + Canvas Collars are available to have a name plate added. Please note, the smallest collar that can have a name plate added is the 14"-16" collar. Name plates are laser engraved on either a solid brass or stainless steel name plate (based on the hardware color chosen during checkout) and comes attached to the biothane side of the collar with 2 nickel plates brass rivets.

All hardware is either solid brass or stainless steel (buckle, o-ring and d-ring). The Chicago screws used to rivet the collar together are either solid brass (gold) or nickel plated brass (silver).

Please use cation when swimming with your collar in salt water or where chemicals are used. Rinse and thoroughly dry your collar IMMEDIATELY if exposed to either salt water or other chemical treated water.

Be sure to look through the photos above to build your perfect collar. Don't forget to visit our canvas collar section to choose your perfect canvas print:

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