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      Mootug - Up-cycled Cow Milking Tubes Dog Tug Toy

      This recycled cow milking tube tug-of-war dog toy is a fun alternative to the current rope options on the market. The unique cow scent left over from milking is irresistible to...


      Cedar & Pink Grapefruit Dog Shampoo Bar 4.75 oz

      Deep Hydration Formula with Flea & Itch ReliefCedar & Pink Grapefruit with natural botanicals, gourmet plant oils and butters replenishes and nurtures active coats. Super rich with fluffy lather, this bar...


      Paw Balm/Salve

      Pawesome Balm moisturizes the skin on the pad, helping to keep it from drying and cracking, which is very painful to your pet. The wax and oils are absorbed into the...