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Biothane Leash Coupler

Four Black Paws

Easily walk two dogs with our biothane leash coupler. This coupler features two biothane straps in your choice of color(s) fixed to an o-ring at one end and your choice of snap hooks at the other end. Simply attach your existing lead to the o-ring and the bolt snaps at the end of the coupler to your pups and away you go.

The snap hooks that we use are swiveling snap hooks so that the biothane won't get twisted up on itself.

The coupler pairs well with any of our biothane leads in the shop. Many customers choose to purchase a short lead (2ft, 3ft, etc) and then pair it with the coupler.

The length you choose for the coupler is the length of the biothane portion, only (the length of the biothane is the same on each side; for example, a 12” coupler will have 2 pieces of biothane that each measure 12”). The length of the o-ring and snap hooks is NOT included in the length that you choose in the drop down box.

Every piece in this line is hand crafted from coated webbing that is durable and easy to clean. It even stays flexible in cold weather! This amazing webbing is soft and has the appearance of leather but ismore durable, cleanable, stronger and easier to maintain than leather. It's also:

-water repellant

-stink-resistant **NOT resistant to skunk smell.


-stronger than nylon and leather

-cleanable with soap and water 

IMPORTANT COLOR NOTE: Blaze Orange, Hot Green, Hot Pink and Hot Yellow are neon colors and are HIGHLY prone to bleeding/transferring color onto themselves and other colors! Please be aware before ordering a color combo that includes neon color(s). Do not store collars and/or leads touching each other to avoid color transfer.

Ordering Instructions:

You'll start by choosing from our constantly growing color choices for your coupler! You'll also choose your width, coupler length and hardware.

 **NOTE: the length of the lead does NOT include the length of the snap hook or o-ring in the total length. The total length is the length of the biothane material, only, not including the snap hook and o-ring.

Choose from your choice of snap hook color and style:

-Stainless Steel Bolt Snap
-Stainless Steel Trigger Snap
-Solid Brass Bolt Snap
-Solid Brass Trigger Snap
-Black Aluminum Auto Locking Carabiner

Please scroll through the pictures to see all available collar color choices (note: if a color does not show up in the drop down list, it is likely sold out).

Standard vs. Super Heavy:

The choice between purchasing the standard thickness leash and the super heavy thickness leash is personal preference. We DO NOT recommend the super heavy weight material for small dogs due to the additional bulk. Both thicknesses have a break strength of 750-1,000 pounds. The standard thickness material is approximately 0.1" thick and the super heavy thickness material is approximately 0.15" thick.

Additional Information:

• Each coupler is handmade from the very beginning to end; you may notice a slight variation in length from one coupler to the next
• Hand wash your biothane products with soap & water. If your leash or collar has been exposed to an especially stinky substance, you may wipe down with a diluted 10% bleach solution (1 part to 9 parts water) or wipe down with vinegar to help neutralize odors.

It is very important to note that our products are not designed to be used for a "tie out." Damage caused by using any of our products to tether a dog are non repairable. We also do not recommend tethering a dog due to the excessive risk of injury, damage and loss. If you are planning to tie your dog to a tie out or an outdoor line, please be sure to purchase items from a manufacturer that designs products specifically for this purpose.

Each consumer is responsible for determining the suitability of these products for their individual situation. Consumer accepts all responsibility by purchasing and using these products. Four Black Paws is not responsible for any and all injuries that can occur from the improper use of its products.

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