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Rescue of the Month

In April 2015, we started what we call our Rescue of the Month program. Each month, a different rescue from around the country is chosen to be our Rescue of the Month (ROTM). By being our ROTM, rescues receive 10% of our monthly sales.

Since April 2015, we’ve been able to donate over $20,000 to many different rescues!

If you have a rescue in mind that you think could benefit from our ROTM program, please use the "Contact" link below to send us an e-mail with your contact information, the name of the rescue you are nominating and a way that we can get in contact with them if they are chosen (e-mail and/or social media contact information). Please note: we get MANY requests for donations and wish we could donate to every one of them. Please know that we appreciate all of the work that rescues do!!