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Convertible Biothane Lead

Four Black Paws

This simple, hands-free leash is streamlined and easy to use!

Your new Four Black Paws biothane Convertible Lead will be your choice of length (choose your length in the drop down box), has a snap hook on both ends, a d-ring just above one of the snap hooks and a floating d-ring with stoppers.

The lead can be used in a variety of ways:

1. Basic Leash: clip to the snap hook to the floating d-ring and move your stoppers to their desired place on the leash

2. Hands-Free Leash: attach one snap hook to your dog and the other snap hook to the floating d-ring to create a loop for your waist or wear it as a cross-body.

NOTE: I highly recommend choosing a 6' or longer length if you intend to use this leash hands-free or crossbody as the 4' and 5' options will likely not be long enough.

3. Wrap the lead around a small tree, bench, chair, etc. and hook the snap hook to the floating d-ring to create a "hitching post" for your dog.

4. Coupler: walk 2 dogs at once! Hook the snap hooks, one to each dog, and grab the center of the leash as a handle. You can also attach a shorter leash or training tab to the floating d-ring to create a handle.

5. Dual Control/Two Point Control Leash: attach one snap hook to your pups collar and the other to their harness/additional collar for more security.

Why use biothane?
-Stink resistant **NOT resistant to skunk smell.
-Water resistant
-Fade resistant
-Cleans easily with soap and water
-Maintenance free (no need to condition or break it in)
-Does not mold or mildew
-Vegan friendly
-Soft and flexible, even in freezing temperatures

IMPORTANT COLOR NOTE: Blaze Orange, Hot Green, Hot Pink and Hot Yellow are neon colors and are HIGHLY prone to bleeding/transferring color onto themselves and other colors! Please be aware before ordering a color combo that includes neon color(s). Do not store collars and/or leads touching each other to avoid color transfer.

Hardware Information:

**NOTE: the length of the lead does NOT include the length of the snap hooks in the total length. The total length is the length of the biothane material, only, not including the snap hooks.

Choose from your choice of snap hook color and style:

-Stainless Steel Bolt Snap
-Stainless Steel Trigger Snap
-Solid Brass Bolt Snap
-Solid Brass Trigger Snap
-Aluminum Auto Locking Carabiner (comes with black hardware)

Silver O-Rings are made of stainless steel and gold O-Rings are made from solid brass.

Chicago screws are made from solid brass; silver Chicago screws are nickel plated solid brass.

Stoppers are made from 5/8" wide biothane on all leads.

Standard Weight Biothane:

The standard thickness material is approximately 0.1" thick and has a break strength of 750-1,000 pounds.

Additional Information:

-Each leash is handmade from the very beginning to end; you may notice a slight variation in length from one leash to the next
-Hand wash your leash and collar with soap & water. If your leash or collar has been exposed to an especially stinky substance, you may wipe down with a diluted 10% bleach solution (1 part to 9 parts water) or wipe down with vinegar to help neutralize odors.
-Rinse immediately if exposed to salt water or chemicals as they may cause deterioration of the biothane material and/or hardware.

Each consumer is responsible for determining the suitability of these products for their individual situation. Consumer accepts all responsibility by purchasing and using these products. Four Black Paws is not responsible for any and all injuries that can occur from the improper use of its products.

Due to the customized nature of this product, returns and exchanges cannot be made on this product.

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