Rescue Box Add On - Upgrade to Gold Colored Metal (Brass/Brass Plated) Hardware

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Please note that this is an upgrade to brass/gold METAL hardware. It is a zinc die cast metal buckle and tends to be heavier than traditional aluminum buckles. PLEASE contact me before upgrading if you are at all worried about the weight this buckle will add to your pups new collar.

Purchase this listing to upgrade the plastic hardware on your collar for gold colored metal (brass/brass plated) hardware (buckle, d-ring and slide adjuster). The collar is SOLD SEPARATELY. If purchasing more than one collar, please specify which collar the upgrade belongs to.

This upgrade can ONLY be added to fabric collars.

Note: This listing is to upgrade your collar having metal hardware. This is not a supply listing and must be purchased along with a collar. This listing cannot be purchased by itself.

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