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The unthinkable happened to us in February 2020: our beloved Leila went missing. It's truly something we never thought would happen to us; I knew about tracking collars but truly didn't believe we needed one for our girl.

Since getting a Fi for Thea (and loving its capabilities), I knew that I needed to design Fi compatible collars and spread the word about this product. The Fi unit is bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled to track your walks and activity; the phone app easily let's you check in on your dog and will alert you if your dog exits their "home" area. Colin and I both have the Fi app so we are both instantly alerted.

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Welcoming Our Baby (read below)

I'm excited to announce that we will be welcoming our 2-legged baby in March! Custom collars and leashes will not be available for a little while but I invite you to shop the apparel selection, ready to ship items and subscribe to the t-shirt or You + Dog Subscription.