Recycling Program

    Here at Four Black Paws, we know you work hard so your dog can play hard. We also appreciate the value of the dollar. That is why we offer our Recycling Program. Whether your dog has outgrown their current Four Black Paws collar or they have simply loved it to death, the hardware attached to the collar will most certainly outlast the body of the collar.

    Here is how the program works (please note that ONLY Four Black Paws collars are eligible for the recycling program; we will not accept collars purchased from another company):

    1. Fill out the form below.

    2. Mail your collar back to us (make sure you include the full name you entered on your form on a note on the inside of your package) to:
    Four Black Paws
    P.O. Box 540
    Saint Joseph, MI 49085

    **we recommend shipping with tracking! Also, if incorrect postage is put on the package coming back to us, resulting in us needing to pay the difference in order to receive the package, this additional cost will be passed on to you.

    3. Once we receive your collar, we will send you an invoice for the cost of a new collar to be made. We will make it into a brand new collar with the hardware from your old collar within 2 weeks of us receiving your hardware in the mail.